POPSOP: Еженедельный обзор новостей Дизайна

Дата публикации: 17.05.2013

Наши проекты для брендов "Кое-что" и "Высоко-высоко" были представлены в еженедельном обзоре новостей дизайна портала Popsop.com

The brief recap below features top 10 branding and design projects of this week.

The Russian leading brand and design agency Depot WPF has completed two branding and packaging projects in the food & drinks segment. For the Russian alcohol drinks and beverages manufacturer Megapak, the agency has created a new brand of non-alcoholic beverages Koye-Chto (Something). Another project is also a challenger brand, the Belorussian Minksoblproduct-owned brand of dairy products called Vysoko Vysoko (High in the Skies).

Photo: New brand of non-alcoholic beverages, Koe Chto, designed by Depot WPF

Photo: New brand of non-alcoholic beverages, Koye-Chto, designed by Depot WPF


Photo: Branding and package design of the new dairy brand Vysoko Vysoko, developed by Depot WPF

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