The Dieline: премия The Dieline Awards 2014. 1-е место за Myllyn Paras 1928

Дата публикации: 15.05.2014

Коллегия судей премии The Dieline Awards 2014 вручила Depot WPF награду за 1-е место в номинации "Молочные продукты, специи и масла" за разработку бренда Myllyn Paras 1928.

'A true brand should have its own soul in addition to personal identity. Myllyn Paras flour is not a product intended for mass consumer, it's the most expensive and quality flour in the Russian market. The flour is made of eco friendly raw materials according to a traditional technology, since 1928. The objective was not only to present the product natural origin in a non-standard way, but also to create an emotional tie for consumers.

The design philosophy is based on haiku, a poem centered around a nature image clearly or subtly juxtapositioned against human life. Only instead of words we use pencil drawings. Together they form an integral image. The drawings are real rural life scenes from the beginning of the 20th century. The softness of classical pencil drawing is made more pronounced thanks to modern-looking no-frills black and white pattern of the external packing created by crossed barcode lines. This intends to convey the idea that a modern-day product is still based on long-standing traditions.'

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