The Dieline: Catch The Touch

Дата публикации: 06.02.2015

The Dieline - самый посещаемый сайт посвященный дизайну упаковки опубликовал наш концепт пастельного белья Catch The Touch.

'Catch The Touch', a bed linen brand, is a recent concept developed by Depot WPF. Taking more of an out of the box approach, two unexpected elements are applied to the design where bed sheets are vacuum-sealed to maintain "freshness." Along with the sheets, short phrases about senses and feelings, composed of cardboard, are placed inside. The overall design has an interactive quality that is a similar experience a toddler would have with textured picture books. 
"Vacuum packaging is usually associated with such products as cold cuts (meat, fish, etc.). When using it, producers pay attention only to its functionality. We proposed to emphasize its appearance and aesthetic qualities.
We have shivers running up and down our spines at the most intriguing, sensuous  and sexy moments. And expensive silk bed clothing is associated exactly with such moments."

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