The Dieline: Кое-Что

Дата публикации: 23.07.2013

Самый авторитетный в мире новостной ресурс о дизайне упаковки - The Dieline - рассказал о нашем новом проекте "Кое-Что", разработанном для концерна "Мегапак". Редакция портала высоко оценила бренд лимонада со страусом (англ. яз.).

"Megapack company launches new Russian lemonade brand Somewhat (Koe-Chto in Russian). Its brand identity and packaging design were created by Depot WPF brand consultancy. "Lemonade is a drink from our childhood associated with positive emotions and bright impressions. Novelty, brightness, amazement, intrigue, joy of discoveries and surprises – exactly these children’s values these children’s values became the baseline of Somewhat lemonade brand. This drink is to astonish and surprise you."

"Everything in the packaging design of Somewhat lemonade is non-standard for the category. Name, graphics, brand character, taste identification –all these elements are aimed at creating intrigue, amazement, bringing out positive emotions."

Designed by Depot WPF, Russia

Creative director: Alexey Fadeev / Art director: Yuliya Zhdanova / Copywriter: Anastasia Tretyakova / Designers: Maria Ponomareva, Dmitry Penkov / Pre-press: Kurban Garanov, Vitaly Gavrish / Account manager: Ekaterina Kudryashova

Megapack: Director for development: Marian Bayger / Brand manager: Dmitry Klepikov

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