The Dieline: I will

Дата публикации: 01.12.2011

Крупнейший американский интернет-ресурс о дизайне упаковки The Dieline опубликовал наши конфеты I will. Редакторы портала согласились, что ирис - это не то, что едят с квадратным лицом (англ. яз.)

Depot WPF was asked to create a brand for toffees and chewing sweets with a possible expansion of the range in the perspective. The task was to create brand character and identity, and then - on their basis - packaging design.


The product is designed for young people and implies so-called demonstrative, "street" consumption. We have chosen graphic style that would be relevant to this audience. Stories for designs were inspired by photos posted in social networks like Facebook. The illustrations look as though a teenager copied an image using tracing paper.


The illustrations don't show "how to" or "how not to", but simply reflect the flow of life. Just as we can see it in social networks.

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