POPSOP: Еженедельная сводка новостей Дизайна

Дата публикации: 01.11.2013

Наш проект для бренда "Комильфо" был включен в еженедбный обзор новостей дизайна упаковки сайта POPSOP.

In the spotlight: GlaxoSmithKline’s Shopper Science Lab and Human Performance Lab designed by Pope Wainwright; Merrydown cider redesign by Ziggurat Brands; new look for the Nestle-owned Comilfo chocolate sweets; new London gin brand King of Soho by 1HQ, Elmwood-designed Morrisons own label wines; retail environment for the Canadian company The 7 Virtues Beauty Inc by Sheridan&Co.; relaunch of Asian sauces Yau’s in the U.K. with a new packaging by Slice Design.

Depot WPF, a Russian design consultancy, has redesigned the Nestle-owned confectionery brand Comilfo with a touch of American vintage aesthetics.

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