Package Design: Российское брендинговое агентство Depot WPF создает вызывающий бренд по уходу за кожей

Дата публикации: 17.04.2014

Авторитетный ресурс 'Package design' опубликовал новость о нашем проекте для бренда косметической продукции Dizao Organics.

European skin care brand Dizao recently launched a new line of organic products. The concept for Dizao Organics was created by Depot WPF, one of Russia’s leading branding agencies.

Depot WPF was asked to create a trendy line of skin care products targeting consumers keen on innovative packaging. For the Dizao Organics line, Depot WPF developed a system of symbols showing the basic quality of each product of the range.

Alexey Fadeev, creative director at Depot WPF, comments: “Usually the product description runs in small font on the front side of the packaging. In this case, black and white graphics conveys the essence of each product in a clear and emotional way. Each SKU has an individual symbol created with a unified logic in mind. The approach became the basis for the brand identity. All information about the producer and the method of application is placed either on the back panel of the packaging or on a label attached to it.”

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