CEE Packaging: Продукты и брендинг

Дата публикации: 20.09.2012

CEE Packaging - журнал об индустрии упаковки товаров в Центральной и Восточной Европе опубликовал наш проект для бренда Rockwool.

Insulation materials producer Rockwool has come up with a completely new look on the Russian market.
The new look also contains promotional materials which undoubtedly give the brand a completely new
image. Rockwook wanted something which was bright, simple and easy to understand - possibly not an
easy task with some-thing as unexciting as insulation materials. Nonetheless the Russian brand agency
Depot WPF has come up with some interesting solutions designed to strengthen the image of a leader,
innovator and offering the market a new generation of products whilst focusing on the target audience of
the Scandinavian origin of the brand, its environmental perform-ance and premium quality.The main visual
image selected for the Rockwool design is Scandinavian wooden dice, once the favorite game of many children.
They became the main motive of registration as a pack, and various advertising media.The products
are now available at OBI as well as other DIY outlets.Rockwool is the leader in Russia of stone wool insulation
solutions. It was founded in 1909 in Denmark and currently owns 26 plants in 17 countries.

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