Международное сообщество дизайна упаковки: DEPOT WPF - GARNACHA CENTENARIA WINE

Международное сообщество дизайна упаковок опубликовало нашу работу Label Gap для производителя вин Crianzas y Viñedos R. Reverte.



Depot WPF worked with wine producer Crianzas y Viñedos R. Reverte to create packaging that defies the conservative category of premium wines by re-orienting their wine label into a frame rather than a focal point. 

“We tend to see the most obvious things, neglecting the essence. We choose wine looking at its bottle and label. Our simple and straightforward metaphor moves the focus of the consumers’ attention from the label to content." - Depot WPF’s Senior Srt Director Alexandr Zagorsky. 

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